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Coaches of TGM are making amazing bounds with their students all over the world from beginner to Tour Level players. The step by step, "THE way not MY way" to learning golf allows for all to ‘get it’.

Spike has been working with TGM coaches for years, has an amazing grasp of the mechanics of sound mind and body to reap results for any venue that has him as a coach.

As an Academy Head, he has shown the leadership capabilities to teach players who wish to learn.

- Paul Smith
Head of Golf Academy, Australia
T.G.M. G.S.E.B.
G.C.A. Master Craftsman

I have been involved in the training of Mike Collier for 14 years.

He has knowledge and techniques far above the normal PGA member and is a leader in the latest movements in modern teaching.

His character and personality make him an indispensable asset to any teaching facility.

- Paul Hart
P.G.A. Australia

Hi Spike,

Golf for my daughter Amani has been more than just a casual training in my plan for her. We as a family have been working very hard that she trains as a golfer in the most scientific manner which would go a long way. With this intention in mind we even went to States twice, in the year 2013 and 2014 to Hank Haney's Golf Academy so that Amani could improve on her golfing skills and knowledge which she was acquiring in India from tender age of 7.

Very frankly Spike, I was disappointed both the times from my US visit and had no option but to find someone, somehow from somewhere as now at the age of 12 Amani understood the game of Golf which she picked up over period of years and needed some genuine help to grow rather than just hitting the balls.

I think that it was my good intention and sincere thought for my daughter’s progress that nature helped me reach YOU at TGGA. It was a pure gamble Spike, as I had no reference and I just came to you searching through the net. But the way you have been teaching her is just amazing with so much of patience and attention, with all the reasoning behind the changes you are making. I think this decision of our 2 week training is just perfect for Amani to improve her game.

I have no doubt that I shall see you again very soon in the near future and I want you to groom Amani to become a good golfer making you and all of us proud. GOD BLESS...........

Best Regards,

Dr Sumit Narang
Professor & Head
Department Of Periodontology
Peoples Collage of Dental Sciences
Bhopal. India

Dear Spike,

Both Cindy and myself would really like to thank you for the valuable 4 days with you. Your instructions was really useful and made us aware of the fundamentals of golf swings and good set up. Learning new things (or unlearning) in the beginning is always challenging. Not only it is challenging for us, but also for you, since we are old dogs trying to learn new things. We must thank you for your patience and the extra lesson. Our trip to your golf academy has really been fruitful and enjoyable. We will continue to practice based on the fundamentals that we learn from you.

I am sure there are a lot more that we need to learn moving forward and we hope we can make another trip to see you in the near future to further improve our golf swings.

- Lee & Cindy (Singapore)

Spike is brilliant. I had been having serious problems with my golf game, SHANKS!! For you golfers who have ever experienced this, you will understand my recent mental state. Spike breaks everything down, feeds you information in digestible pieces and suddenly the entire game, the swing and the whole package becomes clear. I would recommend every golfer to spend time with Spike. I had several three hour lessons with him, this in itself is a testament to his patience.

- Lesley (Scotland)
Visited March 2014

Geometry and impact with self-correcting feedback drills. I went to Chiang Mai and met Spike Collier who showed me a simple and repeatable way to hit the ball further, with less effort. After a couple of sessions with Spike I shot 78. After some more sessions on ‘impact’ I began to strike the ball with intent and confidence but without putting a score together. I rethought the mental side, backed myself and at age 64 dropped 9 strokes off my previous best and broke par with a 71 at Navatanee, not a cream-puff track.

I had searched the net for feedback from players who had coaches who can teach not just the ‘how’ but also the ‘why’. Reason is I am a trained engineer who also studied physiotherapy in another life and know something of mechanics, muscle movement and teaching folks how to regain function. I had previously experienced coaches talking mechanical and anatomical nonsense.

Spike doesn’t talk mechanical nonsense, no magic tips but pure and simple geometry and appropriate hand action that leads to correct impact. It’s a great feeling to confidently hit balls with the correct zip code when the other guys at the range are spraying ‘em, and don’t know why.

Using high speed cameras and state-of-the-art software, Spike, ID’d my particular swing ‘geometry’ and showed me where it could be improved and why it should be improved. I learnt why correct impact is essential and how to get there. Spikes ‘method’, for want of a better term, does not defy the laws of physics or the constraints of anatomy. It allows a swing to be broken down into components that can be worked, reassembled and improved. And it is fun. The drills involved are not daunting and provide instant feedback as to ball flight. This allows for a valid correction in the absence of a coach. When it does go sideways, as it can do, I go back to Chiang Mai for more and every time I return to Bangkok I have to recalibrate club distance – now that’s fun.

- Bruce Harris

"Great golf insight and value"

We had 4 morning of golf instruction from the academy director, Spike, which well exceeded our expectations. Spike skillfully introduced us to The Golfing Machine instruction system, greatly improving our golf knowledge and practice. The academy also helped in booking tee times in neighboring golf clubs, rounding up our experience and vacation. We also took advantage of the cooking academy on the campus, which we equally recommend. If you consider a golf vacation in Thailand, this should be at the top of your short list.

- Luttingers

I want to thank you for the great instruction program and hospitality. I really enjoyed my stay and plan to visit again soon.

- Chang Choi
Seoul, South Korea

Spike Collier has changed my life. I can say my major frustrations with golf is almost 'over'.

For the past eighteen years I have 'hacked' at many golf balls. I have taken lessons, even attended Community College for instructions. My 'whys' were never answered to my satisfaction nor understanding. Spike has changed all that.

He has complete knowledge of golf, the mechanics of the golf swing, and the nuances of the game of golf. Most important his teaching technique and his expert use of video analysis has made me a confident holder of a golf club(s).

Knowing that I can put a golf ball up in the air, straight, with confidence, is a testament to Spike's gift to pass his knowledge to 'anyone'.

- Shin Nakazawa
Hacker turned 'hitter'

Dear Spike,

I have your visiting card in front of me, you gave me, when you still were golf pro at the Heidelberg Golf Club for the American Army and the only teacher of "Natural Golf" at this time I could find in Germany…. You will probably not remember me, but I traveled about three times from Hamburg to Heidelberg to visit you and have my first lessons. It’s about 7 or 8 years ago??

I instinctively knew, this was the right technique for me, but what mostly impressed me was the way in which you were teaching and treating your students. I am glad, when reading your comments in the P. C. Forum, that you are still the same. Your competence, enthusiasm, perseverance coupled with patience, politeness, friendliness I still admire.

Later on I met Peter, attended workshops at Bad Waldsee, and just recently at Gsteig with Peter and Andy.

But to make it clear, the reason why I continued with the technique is your influence at the beginning. I knew there are teachers, whom you can trust and who give you the full and best advice, they can give. I suddenly had the need to tell you this. I am an ardent admirer of Ben Hogan. I read everything written about him. I believe Peter, you and teachers like Andy are best ambassadors of golf.

I hope to meet you again. It is fun to learn more and more about the golf swing.

Thanks again for what you gave me on my path to better golf.

Yours truly,
Karl Richter

Rukmini sure did have a great time learning and with your guidance she was able to grasp a lot of the finer aspects as well as a number of key techniques from the sessions you had with the Protouch Team. Thank you. She is so passionate about her Golf and teaching; such opportunities do not come by every day.

- Kulbir Mehta
Kolkata, India

Dear Spike,

It has been about 9 months since the 5 day course with you, I have practiced and put into practise what you have tought me, to which I have benefited greatly. Looking back over these months I feel a great benefit has been the ability to self analyse of what I am doing wrong and how to correct myself.

My handicap when I came to you was 26, plus on many occasions, now I play with a 12.7 handicap. My lowest score has been a 78 shot at Khuntan and my lowest 9 holes was 36 at Green Valley.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for giving me the mindset for my achievements, I enjoyed your course and the utmost professionalism in which you carried out your teaching.

I would like to follow up with some more lessons so that I can further improve my golf.

Thank you most sincerely.

- Rob Kelly

Great! Great! Great!

It became obvious very early that you knew what you were talking about. A few minutes later it became obvious you knew how to relay that information to golfers of any skill level. As the week went on, you showed your patience and true desire to have your students succeed.

The week couldn't have been better and I cant wait to do it again. We should talk about a trip to Vietnam sometime. I will try to line up a few students if you could put something effective and CHEAP together:) Dont know a lot of people, but...

Thanks, again.

- Tony Harris
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

I have just completed the Three Generation Golf Academy five day school. It was a wonderful experience and I am simply amazed at how much I learned is such a short time. I have been playing golf for fifty years and consider myself a good player. Suffice it to say I had plenty to learn.

The facilities are excellent and Mr. Collier is a master golf teacher. He really makes the program come to life. I was able to understand complicated concepts as he broke them into simple components and then reassembled them into a comprehensible whole. He is very patient and encourages dialogue between student and teacher.

Thank you very much for making this program available to adults as well as your students.

- Nelson A. Boone
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Without you, I would have not come this far in life, golf and in school. You were always there for me and especially in the second year, I knew that you would always be there for me and give me good advice, which helped me cope with my personal situations.

In terms of golf, I played with my father and brother last week and managed to actually shoot an 82, which I am proud of since I have not played in basically two months. The swing starts to really work now and I am proud to say that after practising a couple of times I am really starting to BELIEVE in what I am doing with my golf club.

Now to the part that I think you will be very happy to hear. The best possible IB score is 45 and St Andrews University gave me a conditional place on my predicted score of 36. However my final score was actually 42 and that means St Andrews … here I come!

I need to thank you, because as I said, without you I would have not come this far. You have been the greatest supporter over these past two years and I really miss you. I hope to visit Chiang Mai soon. However it might still take a few years. But one thing is for sure you are always welcome to come to and see me in Scotland!

Warm regards,

- Bastian

The Three Generation Golf Academy provided me one of the most valuable experiences ever.

The facilities, the coach, the method of teaching at TGGA are all incredible. In the 6 years that I studied there, I was able to improve tremendously both as a golfer and as a student. The lessons of TGM are unique as it breaks down every single movement of the golf swing into simple physics.

TGM helped me understand exactly why a certain movement should or should not happen, and how power and accuracy is generated through certain angles in the golf swing. Outside of golf, the IB Diploma offered at PTIS also helped me achieved my academic goals. It was a wonderful experience. The TGGA and PTIS truly assisted me into having the opportunity to play Division 1 NCAA golf at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and I am very grateful for that.

I would like to particularly thank Spike who has been such a positive influence on me ever since I met him. He always kept me motivated and he definitely transformed my golf game. I don't know if I could've become a scratch golfer without you Spike, so thank you!


- Chayutpol 'Smart' Kittirattanapaiboon
(Golf Scholarship recipient University of Hawaii)


Dear Spike

I just wanted to say Hi and to say that I'm really missing the Golf Academy. I never got to thank you for how much of an impact you made on my golf and my life. You were the best and most supportive coach/friend I ever had. I'll never forget you Spike and I hope that you can keep doing what you do best.

Kind regards

- Ugen Dorji (former TGGA Team Elite player)

Being in the golf academy for one year was a wonderful experience. Coach Spike really taught me a lot about understanding the golf swing and how I can improve my game on my own. But, golf instruction is not the only important thing there, coach Spike's lovely wife, Joy, and coach Nah also always have an open ear for you and the atmosphere in the academy is just incredible. There is only one problem - the time when you have to leave this place, because I simply love Spike!

Thanks again. Take care.

- Lucas Geiger (former student and member of Team Elite)
Weisbaden, Germany

Brian and Willy have been back for almost one week. Brian still misses everything there.

My husband and I want to thank you for everything, especially you and Joy. We hope they can go back to you next winter vacation and summer vacation. Willy's father thinks if they can stay longer, they will improve more.

Both Brian and Willy are trying to practice what they learn from you and make it as their own skills.

We'll keep in touch with you. Hope it can help and let more people know how excellent you are.

Thanks again. Take care.

- Jessy Shih

Hello Spike,

After the summer camp, Steve was very impressed by your way of teaching after so many coaches and caddies who try to teach him each one with different approaches that made him confused.

He has got a great respect for you and he will follow your advice and recommendations.

It was him who really wanted to enter PTIS and I think that you were the main factor for his decision.

Thanks again for taking good care of Steve.

- Jean Luc Hue
Islamabad, Pakistan

Hi, we are an Indian couple who took our 11 year old son for golf coaching to Spike at Three-Generation Golf Academy, Chiang Mai.

The whole experience was amazing. Spike was simply brilliant and my son caught on very well with his tips, video lessons and his short game has definetely improved.

Also the stay at The Residence and Spa was very comfortable and the food at the cafeteria club (The Club) was also nice.

I highly recommend people to come here for golf coaching.

- Abhishek Sarda
Kolkata, India