Training Tournament Champions and gearing for University Scholarship opportunities
Combined with an IB education, golfers now have a complete package to enhance their future
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Team Elite training includes weekly course management play at Summit Green Valley Golf Club
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The Team Elite is a select team of boys and girls from around the world participating in our high-level program with the strongest degree of intensity. The training is geared for talented junior golfers pursuing a collegiate, tournament and/or a professional path or simply striving to be at the top of their game.

We offer our players (5 days / week) the knowledge for power and precision so they may reach their own personal level of excellence.

Using V1 Professional video analysis and precision golf instruction, unmatched by anyone in Thailand, provides the path towards that personal excellence. Combined with an IB education golfers now have a complete package to enhance their future.

TGGA Elite players train and practice a unique style of building a belief system that develops a confident, winning attitude that carries over into their tournament play and in everyday life.

The Academy uses 4 elements as the nucleus of building a strong belief system. The system can be measured and managed giving the student a structured path toward their desired achievements.

The 4 elements are
  1. Trust
  2. Knowledge
  3. Management
  4. Confidence

The players are on a continuous process of evaluation and developing action plans that help them manage their power and precision but it also helps to manage their growth in golf swing understanding.

We are committed to the utmost care and development of our elite players. In addition to high-level training, we offer assistance with university placement and scholarships maximizing their chances for personal, academic and athletic success.

Our mission to our players
  • Giving the knowledge for power and precision for a fundamentally sound golf swing
  • Advanced short-game techniques
  • We encourage golf-specific physical fitness program geared toward making the body strong and flexible
  • Golf course and self management skills
The Academic Golfer

Now, for the first time in Asia, it is possible for students to combine their academic studies with their golf dreams. The Three Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) believes in developing complete players and understands that education need not be sacrificed while achieving athletic goals. The TGGA approach is geared towards creating and providing the conditions where well-rounded, well-educated student athletes can develop not only golfing skills but life skills for their future.

Team Elite members are eligible players from around the world who attend Prem Tinsulanonda International School as a:

  • Full Tuition Day or Boarding student
  • Temporary overseas exchange student

Players attending TGGA will not only develop into competitive players while earning a high school diploma, but also receive assistance and support from TGGA staff for opportunities to further their golf career by earning a golf scholarship to attend a university in the USA.

Please contact the Admissions office about the variety of academic programs on offer at Prem.

Director of Admissions: Melanie Tennant
Telephone: +66 53 301 500 (ext 5001)

For Team Elite and golf scholarship consideration, please email Three-Generation Golf Academy with your son or daughters:

  • Swing videos (front and down the line views)
  • Past tournament history and results
  • Current handicap and experience
Director of Golf: Siddharth Nag
Telephone: +66 53 301 500 (ext 5415)

The Three Generation Golf Academy scholarship program is the first of its kind in Thailand and Asia to offer both academic and golf scholarships to talented players in the region. Scholarship applications are open to players from all countries, nationalities, age group and gender.

Parent’s and player’s now have an option to pursue their golf dreams without sacrificing their child’s education.

Players who have been accepted onto the Elite Golf Team will automatically receive a 50% Golf Academy Scholarship for golf tuition and training at our on-campus professional golf learning centre while attending, Prem Tinsulanonda International School as a full-time student.

Academic Scholarships are also available from Prem Tinsulanonda International School and please consult the school website for more information.

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Sports Management at Prem

Since 2011 the Prem Tinsulanonda International School has been offering junior athletes an education alternative with a focus on sports management – the IBCP Sports Management Diploma. The International Baccalaureate Career Programme (IBCP) is indeed an exciting opportunity for TGGA players to gain prestigious IB credentials while studying something they are particularly passionate about.

The IBCP is a two-year program for students in Grades 11 and 12. Two DP courses and the 'Core' are additional requirements needed to earn the IBCP diploma.

Click here to find out if the IBCP Sports Management program is the best fit for you.