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TGGA student from Taiwan becomes certified golf coach

February 2014 - Taiwanese junior golfer, Brian Chen, recently completed the final stage necessary to become a certified golf coach from the National Taiwan University of Physical Education and Sport (NTUPES) by passing the playing qualifier test. Brian performed well under inclement weather conditions and achieved his goal by receiving his Level C coaching license.

Brian has trained for 180 hours over the past two years with Coach Spike at the Three-Generation Golf Academy and training alongside the Elite Golf Team players honing his skills to the level of being accepted at one of Taiwan’s leading sports management universities. We are very proud of Brian’s achievements and wish him well with his continued studies.

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Prem student and TGGA Team Elite player receives USA University sports scholarship

After viewing his tournament victory in April 2013 in Washington DC, where he won the Junior World Qualifier, college scouts later flew to Las Vegas to watch Prem Tinsulanonda International School Grade 12 student Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon play. His six years of hard work with Director of Golf, Spike Collier, at the Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA), has paid dividends, as the University of Hawaii, a NCAA Division 1 school, awarded him a golf scholarship of nearly 50% to play for their golf team and continue his studies after he graduates from Prem in June.

Golf Academy Team Elite member, Tapat (Es) Wittiyakom, who graduated from Prem last year received an academic scholarship at one of the top engineering schools in the USA - Rose Hulman Institute of Technology. Due to his high-level golf skills he was instantly accepted on their golf team and currently ranked as their second seed player.

Five TGGA golf team players – and their parents – have the same dream. Today schoolboys - tomorrow leading sportsmen. It really is possible to combine the best of both worlds in Chiang Mai – where the essential sporting ground work and the crucial academic work can be combined to lead on to greater opportunities.

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The Three-Generation Golf Academy Announces New Assistant Professional

The Three-Generation Golf Academy has announced the appointment of Atthaphol 'Aon' Lertsilp as the new Assistant Golf Professional.

After five years, current assistant, Pro Nah will be leaving TGGA at the end of January to join her family’s new Spa and Golf Tour business.

"We are pleased to welcome Pro Aon to our academy and we know that he will be instrumental in teaching the game to our young Golf Exploria and physical education students, guests and overseeing Team Elite tournaments and day to day operations," said Director of Golf, Pro Spike. "Finding the right assistant golf professional to suit the character of our academy is always a challenging task, especially since so many things need to fall into place for the perfect match. We identified a solid choice in Pro Aon and we look forward to having our students and community getting to know him."

Pro Aon is very happy to be returning to Chiang Mai from Bangkok where he had previously lived for many years. He is a member of the Professional Golfer Association of Thailand and received golf management and English training in California, USA for five years. Aon has a great interest in the teachings of the Golfing Machine, the basis of training at TGGA, and worked as an intern with Pro Spike in the early opening days at TGGA.

His most recent position prior to joining TGGA was at Inthanon Golf Natural Resort Chiang Mai as Senior Golf Operation Manager. Aon also worked at Summit Green Valley Chiang Mai in golf operations and has an extensive background as a teaching professional at Ramkumhaeng University, Professional Golf Training Bangkok, Chaowarat Golf School, and Heart Land Golf School.

"I have always liked the way that Pro Spike teaches and have waited many years for the opportunity to come and work together with him," said Pro Aon. "To have this new challenge and move back to Chiang Mai has made me very happy."

Pro Nah has been instrumental in the development and overall well-being of the Golf Academy. She has made many friends in the community and touched the hearts of many students. She will truly be missed and we wish her the greatest success with her family’s Spa and Tour business.

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Chiang Mai Junior Golfer wins in the USA

Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon, Grade 11 student from the Prem Tinsulanonda International School and Team Elite player from the Three-Generation Golf Academy in Chiang Mai recently travelled to the USA to compete in two junior ranking golf tournaments.

Smart’s first event took place on 6 and 7 April at the IJGT College Classic at Duke University in North Carolina. This young Thai player battled practice round temperatures of 4°C and rainy conditions but overcame the difficult Duke Golf Course and very wet conditions shooting a 79, 80, tying for a second place finish.

For the second tournament, Smart travelled on to Washington DC to take part in the Maryland Callaway Junior World Qualifier at Glenn Dale Golf Club on 13 and 14 April. The competition was fierce between the forty boys in the 14-18 division all wanting to capture the first place title which would qualify them for the prestigious Callaway Junior World Golf Championship 2013, to be hosted at Torrey Pines Golf Course in San Diego, California in July.

Smart got off to a rough start on both days, going three over on the first three holes with the difficult greens being his biggest challenge over each of the rounds. However, he was able to make a remarkable recovery to shoot an amazing comeback 74, 72 and win by four strokes.

Smart will return to the USA in July to take part in the Callaway Junior World Golf Championship 2013 with top ranking junior golfers from around the world.

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Team Elite Integrate Yoga into Training

Three-Generation Golf Academy’s (TGGA) initiative to present and integrate yoga into its junior golf "Team Elite" program has proven to be a complimentary alternative to their golf fitness training. Incorporating yoga basics into their golf game coincides with TGGA’s instructional values and beliefs; stay fit mentally and physically and your game will improve.

Team Yoga Team Yoga

By incorporating a small amount of yoga into their lives, it is our hope that the players, at a minimum, will find improved flexibility and relaxation on the golf course. With longer-term training the players should begin to experience the greater benefits yoga can provide to their golf game, such as improving their posture, learning to stay focused without tension, learning to read and feel their body making the right swing, strengthen and tone muscles needed for their swing, increase flexibility for turning motion, help them stay balanced, release negative thoughts and help them develop a positive state of mind.

The team trains bi-weekly at the fitness centre located next to the Golf Academy, with a one-hour yoga plan taught by Casey Gramaglia, certified Jivamukti yoga instructor.

"Yoga is an ancient discipline dating back over 4,000 years.  Its benefits are endless, most noticeably for developing strength and flexibility, but even more so for cultivating concentration which leads to deeper states of meditation," says Gramaglia.

"In September 2012 Coach Spike asked me if I'd be willing to teach a select group of talented junior golfers at the Three-Generation Golf Academy. I was thrilled with the idea and agreed.  If we can instil a sense of discipline in young people from an early age, then they are more likely to follow through with such practices as yoga and meditation later on in life.  Golf is like meditation. It requires physical and mental skill.  Yoga is a perfect discipline to cross-train for golfers.  A common complaint from older golfers is ‘I was about to go pro, but I ruined this joint, and now I can hardly play at a competitive level.’  It's a shame that this happens to athletes: if only they knew about the restorative and healing benefits of yoga, such incidents could be prevented."

"When I began working with this group of fine young men, they quickly noticed how limited their range of motion was, and this is often enough incentive to continue practice!  Here I am more than twice their age, effortlessly moving in and out of certain postures, where they were struggling.  They saw this and in my heart I believed it was the driving force that brings them back to me each week. After our first class at the start of the school year they immediately contacted Coach Spike and asked if they could practice with me two days a week instead of one!  I was thrilled.  Most young men feel that lifting weights is what's necessary to develop strong muscles, bones and tone the body.  In the world of fitness there is a place for weights, but flexibility coupled with strength is something we all benefit from as we move into old age."

Since the Elite Golf Team has been training with Gramaglia their progress has been exponential and they are able to complete difficult postures that seemed unattainable to them at first.  This was a group of boys who could barely touch their toes, now most of them can not only reach their feet, but are working on headstands!

"It is a pleasure and an honour to work with the golf team at TGGA and if any of you are questioning the benefits of what it means to have a yoga practice, simply ask my golf boys."

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Junior Dobson - Golf Prodigy

Junior Dobson, a former Prem student and TGGA’s youngest Team Elite player, makes a cover page splash in the UK’s Northeast Golfer Magazine.

Junior and his family recently returned to their homeland in Northumberland, UK, and Junior is already turning heads at his new home course and showing potential as a young golf prodigy recognized by local media and UK training coaches.

Read more about Junior in Issue 9 of the Northeast Golfer Magazine.

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TGGA Student Wins Three in a Row!

Congratulations to Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon, a Division 'A' player who begins this year’s junior golf season with three first-place wins and one third-place finish out of four consecutive events.

Smart’s upcoming 2012 - 2013 tournament schedule consists of an array of national qualifiers in which he is striving to be champion. 

The popular TGA-CAT Junior Golf Ranking Tournaments are spread throughout the 2012 and 2013 seasons and open to all junior players who wish to compete. These events offer top performers the chance to qualify for the Singha Junior World Championship Qualifiers, the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Championship Qualifiers and the Junior World Golf Championship Qualifiers. Smart made a terrific comeback to take a third place finish in his July tournament at the Santiburi Country Club with a final score of 150 (80, 70). On 22 - 23 September he tightened his ranking with a first place win at the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort with a very impressive final day score of a three under par 69!!

Smart’s string of championship wins began at this year’s Thai National Students Golf Championship Qualifier held at Stardome Golf Club on 27 – 28 August with a final round score of 145 (71,74). This event opened the door for him to qualify for the final National Students Golf Championship.

His second championship trophy was brought home at the Youth Nationals Qualifier held at Inthanon Golf Club & Resort on 10 September, marking yet another opening to the Youth Nationals Golf Championship.

"Smart’s ability to self-motivate has allowed him to build an organized and powerful golf swing. In managing this process he has developed the ability of intense focus inachieving his goals of power and precision. I could not be more proud of Smart, not only as a golfer, but also as a person," says Coach Spike.

Smart is a Grade 11 Honor Roll student studying the World IB curriculum at the Prem International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Prem, home to a special sports student - the academic golfer
Lucas Geiger TGGA

Thailand’s Prem boarding and day international school offers a golf and education program for talented junior golf players from around the world.

Focus on Lucas Geiger - TGGA Team Elite Player

It’s a long way from the beautiful German city of Wiesbaden to Chiang Mai, Thailand, but that is a journey Grade 11 student Lucas Geiger chose to make, to follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and to continue his specialized training in golf - a sport about which he is passionate.

Lucas is the Club Champion of Germany’s oldest golf course, the Wiesbadener Golf Club, and he used to play its nine holes regularly, as well as playing the two longer 18-hole courses to be found in Wiesbaden.

Academic golfer

While Lucas currently has a golf handicap of ten, he wants to reduce that to five in the next few months and eventually to be a scratch golfer on a zero handicap. His coach, "Spike" Collier at the Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA), is a great teacher, according to Lucas, who adds, "I realized several months ago just how good he is! I thought my old technique was fine but he has been slowly changing everything and I was asking myself – Why? Now he is starting to put it all together again and I am now playing much better than I was when I first arrived."

Lucas is balancing five days of training each week at the TGGA’s golf driving ranges or at the many golf courses in Chiang Mai with the demands of his academic work. "The golf academy is a first rate institution where our Team Elite players such as Lucas are trained to practice and compete with a positive, winning attitude that carries over into their tournament play, collegiate ambitions and in every day life. Combined with an IB education young golfers now have a complete package to enhance their future," says coach Spike.

Although he had studied English for many years in Germany, applying that knowledge proved difficult in the first few weeks at Prem International School, where all the lessons are in English. Lucas realizes that golf is unlikely to be his ultimate career, and has chosen a particularly demanding program of studies in the IB, aiming for a career in business. "The IB is the greatest certificate in the world, so it will help me get to one of the best universities," he said.

"The world’s future markets are likely to be in Asia, so I chose to come to Chiang Mai to learn more about the people and the cultures that we will soon be doing business with," Lucas said. He has already come a long way along that path, as he points out that some of his friends at the school are Thai or Vietnamese, American, Cambodian, Chinese, Australian / New Zealand, Dominican / German or Bhutanese!

Lucas is a boarder at Prem and it is in the boarding residences that he has made these multi-national friendships. He says that being a boarder is both good and bad – it allows him to meet lots of new friends but it is also not quite the same as being at home! But "home" recently came to Chiang Mai when Lucas’s father Thomas recently spent a few days with his son at the school and on local golf courses. Their favourite was the Highlands Golf and Spa Resort. Set in the foot-hills east of Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Highlands was designed by Schmidt-Curley Design and gives golfers the distraction of magnificent views on every hole; although Lucas points out that all the water hazards make playing this course a real challenge.

"I am an ambitious golfer," said Lucas, "and my motivation to succeed in this sport and in my academic studies comes from within. My dad is a great role model although he tells me simply to do what is best for me." Lucas, a quietly-spoken, courteous young man, is a great ambassador for his home town, a valued member of the school’s residential community – and one who may well set the world’s fairways and business schools alight in the not-too-distant future.

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NTJGF Victory for Team Elite player

10-11 March 2012

At the NTJGF junior golf tournament held at the long and mountainous Inthanon Golf Club, Tapat (Es) Wittayakom (G11), posted a final round 70 to win by four strokes in a field of 40 boys in the 16-18 division.

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Golf Management Course from RU available at TGGA!
RU Golf Management at TGGA

Ramkhamhaeng University’s (RU) golf management program is aimed at creating experts for industry.

The goal of RU Golf is to attract and educate bright, highly-motivated men and women to service all aspects of this developing industry in Thailand.

As a new addition to RU’s comprehensive management course, Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) offers a professionally structured instruction program for their MBA golf management students.

Our expert instructions and a first rate training center has enhanced their golf instruction requirements. Students have found the new prerequisite both informative, fun and beneficial to their development in the golf industry.

Taught in English by Pro Spike and translated in Thai by Pro Nah, students join together every Sunday for 3 hours of morning instruction followed by 4 hours of supervised practice time utilizing all the training resources of the TGGA.

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