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A Holiday to Remember

Over the school holidays, G11 Boarder and TGGA Team Elite player, Qinju (Steven) Haj, visited Sri Lanka with his mother and was surprised to find out she had registered for him to play along with her in an Amateur Golf tournament taking place at the picturesque Victoria Golf and Country Resort course in Digana, Kandy.

The tournament was the 14th Annual Sri Lankan Golf Classic 2013 sponsored every year by Sri Lankan Airways. Little did Steven know that over 170 amateur golfers from 16 nations across the globe (150 from overseas) had flown into Sri Lanka to participate in this celebrated event.


Entering the 2 day, Stableford format play in the Gents Division A (0-12 handicap), Steven performed well and played a comfortable 85 on day one and an impressive 79 on day two, earning him 72 stableford points and a 2nd place nett finish.

One of the highlights of the tournament was the mother and son winning combination, with his mom, Qin Ami, taking the Ladies Overall winner and Steven also taking the prize for the longest drive.

Steven’s efforts paid off greatly with prizes amounting to a round trip plane ticket anywhere in the world on Sri Lankan Airlines and a Samsung Grand mobile phone! Although very delighted with his achievements Steven commented "had I known it was such a big event I would have tried to win first place!"

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Young Taiwanese golfer returns to Three-Generation Golf Academy

Over the course of one year, junior golfer Brian Chen from Taiwan has returned three times for some very intensive golf training with Pro Spike. Attending the Three-Generation Golf Academy for several weeks each stay, Brian begins the day with three hours each morning of private instruction and returns again in the afternoons for training with the TGGA Team Elite players. Fridays is where he takes his newly honed skills to the course to test his knowledge and precision. On his final day of play last week Brian shot an impressive 37 with a string of three birdies - a personal best!

This committed young man has worked diligently over the past year back in Taiwan and with Pro Spike to advance his skills and lower his handicap. His dream and mission was to qualify for a sporting university in Taiwan in which he succeeded! Although he achieved his goal, Brian plans to return once again to TGGA in the near future because he knows in the game of golf the learning never ends.

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About Winning

There are many opinions concerning the concept of winning. The following is how we perceive winning at the Three-Generation Golf Academy. Many thanks to the research and guidance of Carey Mumford founder of Key Golf and Clear Keys.

One of the most famous sayings in American football history was a statement originated by UCLA Bruins coach, Henry Sanders, and made famous by Vince Lombardi in 1959 in his opening talk on the first day of the Green Bay Packers’ training camp:

"Winning isn’t everything; it is the only thing!"

We must keep in mind that these teams were made up of athletes from eighteen years old and above who had already built and brought their skills to this higher level. But what about the young junior golfer who would like to be a winner?

Winning is important in the growth of any athlete and it is a subject worthy of attention. I don’t mind talking about winning as long as it happens at the right time of a child’s development as the above philosophy on winning can quite possibly harm a young golfer’s growth. When there is so much pressure on the child to 'win', the entire attitude and environment of his learning condition can change to a very unmanageable level of stress and anxiety.

A point of thought... a player doesn’t win because he is told to win. If that were true then we could easily end up with sudden-death play-offs that would take years! Just because a child is pushed to win doesn’t mean they will win. The child simply does not need this kind of pressure when they are developing their skills.

I would much rather that the child thought, "How good can I really be?"

It is this type of thinking that creates a mental, emotional and physical environment where one can approach confidence-building through a purposeful intent using gradient steps and measureable standards. This, along with a relaxed and fun atmosphere, will have a far greater effect on the child’s development.

Another way to look at this is the fact that "winning" is an effect. It is an effect of being really good at something at the right time. We can easily see this as a process of building the skills that will give you the ability to believe in who you are and what you can do.

You can best achieve this by knowing what skills are required and how to go about managing their development. This is a process not a command.

Building a belief system...

The categories of trust, knowledge, management and confidence are the nucleus of our belief system. As I don’t want to get into too much of the details concerning the studies made at what medical centres, universities and of all the references available, the following is a brief description of what it takes to build belief in oneself.

Trust comes first, and it is a learning condition we experience in the first year of our lives when we learn how to differentiate between trust and mistrust. Everyone goes through it and it teaches us how we will trust, how much and in what way we will trust for the rest of our lives. I mention this because the word trust is not used correctly when talking about golf. For example, "... all you have to do is trust your swing and your game will be great." This simply isn’t true. Trust is completely different from belief and we must make that distinction. Trust, then, becomes a decision: trust yourself to commit, trust the knowledge, trust the instructor and trust the feedback you receive from your experiences.

Acquiring Accurate Knowledge is second. The more accurate the knowledge means the more precise you can be, but the process is like sculpting something out of clay: we start at a beginning and go as far as the potential can handle.

Third is the Management of Skill Development. Here is where this unique process requires a certain level of responsibility. The more committed a child is to this process the more full his learning experience will be. This is the period of learning where the child experiences the knowing, the understanding and the feel of the knowledge being applied.

During this period it is important to note the parents’ role. Their job is to nurture the process with understanding and love. Although sharing with your child is important the parent must not assume the responsibility for their child’s learning. This is the child’s experience alone. The parent should ask questions that would facilitate the learning rather than telling them what you think they should do. The parent and home is a source of love and support and a place to rest between learning sessions. This is a very powerful responsibility that helps nurture the learning process.

The fourth ingredient is Confidence and is a by-product of the first three ingredients. Confidence is an amazing thing because it is self-perpetuating. Confidence builds on itself and the first three ingredients bring about its truth. Confidence is experiential and can be measured in its growth.

In summary, the above short definitions of trust, knowledge, management and confidence can build a strong belief in a child and his or her golf game. It all starts with trusting to commit to the process leading to knowledge, skill and in turn producing great confidence.

So let us avoid too much pressure of having to win. Let us instead create a path of self-discovery that allows children to learn to believe in themselves and reach their own potential.

And when they reach the stage of being as good as they can be then maybe the saying will be, "Club selection isn’t everything; it’s the only thing."

Mike 'Spike' Collier
Director of Golf
Three-Generation Golf Academy

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First graduate of Three-Generation Golf Academy

Prem senior Tapat (Es) Wittayakom

Seven years ago, Traidhos CEO and founder, ML Tri Devakul, opened the doors to four sports academies on the Traidhos campus. It was his dream to create a venue where talented young athletes could pursue their sporting dreams - without sacrificing their education - at one of the finest boarding and International Baccalaureate schools in Asia.

In May 2013, Tapat (Es) Wittayakom will become the first Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) player to graduate from Prem.

Coach Spike had trained Es, a resident of Chiang Mai, prior to his position as Director of Golf at TGGA. Seeing a budding talent and a very determined young man, Spike recommended Es for the first academic/golf scholarship at Prem. In August 2007, at twelve years of age and with minimal written and spoken English, Es entered Prem and became the first student to establish the TGGA Team Elite.

We were pleasantly surprised that the following interview revealed Es’s deliberated reflections and candid insights as an experienced tournament competitor and former #1 ranked junior golfer of Northern Thailand.

What has been the biggest single challenge you have had to overcome to become the golfer you are today?

I would say maturity. When I was young my only thought was of winning. I did not have much fun and was very competitive. Over the years I have changed. I no longer see winning as the sole purpose of playing golf. I now enjoy the game. I am more patient and playing golf is now something I really want to do. Winning is a by-product of this change.

What do you think about the golf instruction at TGGA?

It is a great facility for learning. We do not have many students, so the academy has a family-like quality. The coach, other players on the team and I have open discussions not only about golf, but school and personal problems as well.

You have been with the TGGA’s Team Elite for a little over five years. Please tell us your experiences with the Team.

I find my time spent at TGGA has been very productive. It feels like a family as we are always competing amongst one another. These friendly rivalries have helped me be more competitive during the pressures of tournament play. Smart, who also competes in many of the same tournaments as I do, has recently been in the same age division as me. When I play in these tournaments I know I have to beat him! I also like the TGM (The Golfing Machine) approach that Coach Spike uses. It means that all of the team players are working with the same concepts and although we may be at different levels and different swings we can help one another.

Do you feel that learning golf from a scientific approach has had an effect on your schooling?

Definitely. It has structured my thinking. At TGGA we realise when we have a problem with our swing. We identify it, improve it or fix it. Scientifically you cannot make compensations. I have discovered the same applies for me at school. At school you will always have problems. I have learned to apply this same method. I do not try to compensate or make excuses, but instead work to find a balance.

What big changes have you noticed over your time here?

There have been many improvements to the academy facility. In the beginning we only had a putting green, video room and a small driving range. Now we have the large 350-yard driving range and many valuable training aides to help with our golf skills.

As for Prem, I mostly see the changes in myself and how I perceive the school. I enjoy school now where in the past I hated it. I have worked really hard at my English and this will help me in my future. I have also made some great friendships here and still keep in contact with friends that have already left the school.

Of all the golf courses you have played on, which one was the most difficult and why?

The hardest course I ever played on was last year when I travelled to the USA and played the Hershey Links in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the “Jelly Bean Open” because it is a links course and it was very windy. I tend to play my ball high and this made play very interesting for me. We do not have links golf courses in Thailand so the challenges presented to me were very new. I placed second in this tournament.

In Thailand I mostly find the greens difficult on all the courses because it is very difficult to stop your ball on them.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

It is hard to say if university will take me four or five years to complete. I could possibly be taking part in an engineering internship, but what I really would like, after I graduate from college, is to be playing golf on the professional tour. This has always been a dream of mine. If this does not work out then I guess I will have to find a job!

What is more important – a low handicap or a high IB score?

For me it depends on the situation and the time and place I am in. Now the IB score is most important to achieve my goals, but in one year’s time and the long term this score will no longer be important and I will focus on my golf handicap.

Next year you are going to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology – one of the leading engineering schools in the USA. Why have you chosen this college?

I have always wanted to be an engineer. I am very interested in Aerospace or some other scientific-based engineering; this is why golf has always interested me. Rose-Hulman is also a small school and makes a good transition for me from Prem. There is a very good professor to student ratio there which will give me the freedom to focus on what I want to do. I feel, unlike a large university, a small college like Rose-Hulman will be the best fit for me to reach my goals without distraction.

If you were able to give a young player just starting out in golf one piece of advice, what would it be?

Patience. Golf is a long-term commitment. You do not get good overnight. You do not have to win to be a good player and to enjoy the game. Have fun!

What has been your best memory at the Golf Academy?

I think of them as all being good memories; both the good ones and the bad ones. They have all helped me to become a better person.

What was your proudest moment in the past five years?

I do not really have a moment. It is more ‘what golf has taught me’. I am proud of the fact that I have learned how to manage my time effectively between IB and my golf.

We asked coach Spike what his thoughts are about Es and his future.

First, I would like it to be known that Es brought great purpose and learning into my life of which I will be forever grateful. Over the past six years I have had the privilege to watch Es grow into an extremely strong and self-reliant young man. He is what we would call a “Doer”. Even at the early age of eleven years old, Es would take information, process it, test it and apply it to the point of true understanding. This is clear, not only in his golf skills but in his academic skills, too. He is an Achiever continuously seeking new horizons and, I believe, he is truly prepared to enter the next chapter of his life. I would wish him good luck but, Es knows how to make his own luck... which is a great thing!

Everyone at TGGA and Prem wish Es every success on his move on to the USA where he has received an academic scholarship to Rose–Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute, Indiana, to pursue his dream to become an engineer with a really good golf swing.

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Prem students perform well at Srixon-Lanna Junior Golf Championship
  • 9 - 10 May 2013
  • Lanna Golf Course, Chiang Mai
  • Presented by Northern Thai Junior Golf Club (NTJGC)
Qinju (Steven) Hue (2nd Left) 2nd Place 
Division 2, Boys A Class
Ugen Dorji (2nd Right) 4th Place 
Division 2, Boys B Class


Jessica Kroll 3rd Place
Division 1, Girls C Class
Axel Moe (Left) – 1st Place
Kevin Reimmann (Right) – 3rd Place
Division 1, Boys E Class

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Golf... Journey of the Hero-Warrior

Upon returning from the tournament in Chiang Rai held at the Santiburi Golf Club I was struck with an overwhelming feeling to express my deeper thoughts of those four days being with the Team. You may notice, here, that I have been deeply influenced by Joseph Campbell who wrote The Hero with a Thousand Faces and his many more works that have profoundly influenced so many others.

I feel that a round of golf can be considered the journey of the hero-warrior. We are all heroes on a journey if we look at it from a certain perspective in that a journey has a beginning, middle and an end. In terms of daily life, we could say that the father, when leaving his home for work in the morning, is on his hero's journey, getting into his car, battling traffic to face the day's events. He then arrives at work using all his knowledge and skill to produce his good work for a paycheck that will provide for his family’s needs. After doing battle for the day he completes the cycle by returning home to his family with his bounty and then, doing it again the next day and every day. The courage of such a journey, when based in love, expresses a beauty and a strength, in my eyes, that is beyond compare! The student going to school every day, the teachers planning the lessons, the parents dropping off their children and picking them up from school... this to me is what I would call the hero-warrior's journey and every one of us is making that journey in our own way!

I see the golfer doing much the same when they play a round of golf. They leave the clubhouse for the first tee, with their weapons and skills, prepared to do battle against the golf course. During these holes of golf, varying conditions present themselves causing the golfer to make decisions, having to use their skills and judgment to meet the challenge of each shot. With each shot they are learning and growing, fighting for their bounty to bring home at the end of the day. Some days are tough and the journey can be difficult and some days the journey is flawless bringing back great stories and great rewards for their efforts.

This is why the great game of golf is so amazing and valuable. The golf course is a safe beautiful battleground that builds character, personal strength and a warrior's heart. If the game is played with love then so many more rewards come to the hero-warrior such as compassion, friendship and joy. As all players make this journey they can come to understand the suffering and joys of one another. A bond can be made and relationships can be built. Golf is a journey for a lifetime. A lifetime of learning and sharing and if seen in this light true hero-warriors will be made. Not by us, the parents and coaches, but by the players themselves!

When all our young heroes returned from battle in Santiburi they came up to the balcony and told their stories that spanned the emotional globe of disappointment and glory. The compassion shared by one another along with the joy and excitement of big and small successes was present at the telling of each story. The smiles and the laughter were infectious and the hand on a shoulder was consoling. Friendships were strengthened that day with the opening of each heart.

You see, these were personal battles and personal stories shared with open hearts without fear of rejection or ridicule because they sit at our table where love and welcoming hearts live. Our job is to be the home where love lives and training takes place preparing the hero-warrior to do battle with clear eyes and full hearts knowing that when they come home they are welcomed with loving arms, soothing their wounds and sharing in their glory.

Written by Spike Collier
Director of Golf
Three-Generation Golf Academy

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Team Elite Integrate Yoga into Training

Three-Generation Golf Academy’s (TGGA) initiative to present and integrate yoga into its junior golf "Team Elite" program has proven to be a complimentary alternative to their golf fitness training. Incorporating yoga basics into their golf game coincides with TGGA’s instructional values and beliefs; stay fit mentally and physically and your game will improve.

Team Yoga Team Yoga

By incorporating a small amount of yoga into their lives, it is our hope that the players, at a minimum, will find improved flexibility and relaxation on the golf course. With longer-term training the players should begin to experience the greater benefits yoga can provide to their golf game, such as improving their posture, learning to stay focused without tension, learning to read and feel their body making the right swing, strengthen and tone muscles needed for their swing, increase flexibility for turning motion, help them stay balanced, release negative thoughts and help them develop a positive state of mind.

The team trains bi-weekly at the fitness centre located next to the Golf Academy, with a one-hour yoga plan taught by Casey Gramaglia, certified Jivamukti yoga instructor.

"Yoga is an ancient discipline dating back over 4,000 years.  Its benefits are endless, most noticeably for developing strength and flexibility, but even more so for cultivating concentration which leads to deeper states of meditation," says Gramaglia.

"In September 2012 Coach Spike asked me if I'd be willing to teach a select group of talented junior golfers at the Three-Generation Golf Academy. I was thrilled with the idea and agreed.  If we can instil a sense of discipline in young people from an early age, then they are more likely to follow through with such practices as yoga and meditation later on in life.  Golf is like meditation. It requires physical and mental skill.  Yoga is a perfect discipline to cross-train for golfers.  A common complaint from older golfers is ‘I was about to go pro, but I ruined this joint, and now I can hardly play at a competitive level.’  It's a shame that this happens to athletes: if only they knew about the restorative and healing benefits of yoga, such incidents could be prevented."

"When I began working with this group of fine young men, they quickly noticed how limited their range of motion was, and this is often enough incentive to continue practice!  Here I am more than twice their age, effortlessly moving in and out of certain postures, where they were struggling.  They saw this and in my heart I believed it was the driving force that brings them back to me each week. After our first class at the start of the school year they immediately contacted Coach Spike and asked if they could practice with me two days a week instead of one!  I was thrilled.  Most young men feel that lifting weights is what's necessary to develop strong muscles, bones and tone the body.  In the world of fitness there is a place for weights, but flexibility coupled with strength is something we all benefit from as we move into old age."

Since the Elite Golf Team has been training with Gramaglia their progress has been exponential and they are able to complete difficult postures that seemed unattainable to them at first.  This was a group of boys who could barely touch their toes, now most of them can not only reach their feet, but are working on headstands!

"It is a pleasure and an honour to work with the golf team at TGGA and if any of you are questioning the benefits of what it means to have a yoga practice, simply ask my golf boys."

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Junior Dobson - Golf Prodigy

Junior Dobson, a former Prem student and TGGA’s youngest Team Elite player, makes a cover page splash in the UK’s Northeast Golfer Magazine.

Junior and his family recently returned to their homeland in Northumberland, UK, and Junior is already turning heads at his new home course and showing potential as a young golf prodigy recognized by local media and UK training coaches.

Read more about Junior in Issue 9 of the Northeast Golfer Magazine.

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TGGA Student Wins Three in a Row!

Congratulations to Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon, a Division 'A' player who begins this year’s junior golf season with three first-place wins and one third-place finish out of four consecutive events.

Smart’s upcoming 2012 - 2013 tournament schedule consists of an array of national qualifiers in which he is striving to be champion. 

The popular TGA-CAT Junior Golf Ranking Tournaments are spread throughout the 2012 and 2013 seasons and open to all junior players who wish to compete. These events offer top performers the chance to qualify for the Singha Junior World Championship Qualifiers, the Asia Pacific Junior Golf Championship Qualifiers and the Junior World Golf Championship Qualifiers. Smart made a terrific comeback to take a third place finish in his July tournament at the Santiburi Country Club with a final score of 150 (80, 70). On 22 - 23 September he tightened his ranking with a first place win at the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Resort with a very impressive final day score of a three under par 69!!

Smart’s string of championship wins began at this year’s Thai National Students Golf Championship Qualifier held at Stardome Golf Club on 27 – 28 August with a final round score of 145 (71,74). This event opened the door for him to qualify for the final National Students Golf Championship.

His second championship trophy was brought home at the Youth Nationals Qualifier held at Inthanon Golf Club & Resort on 10 September, marking yet another opening to the Youth Nationals Golf Championship.

"Smart’s ability to self-motivate has allowed him to build an organized and powerful golf swing. In managing this process he has developed the ability of intense focus inachieving his goals of power and precision. I could not be more proud of Smart, not only as a golfer, but also as a person," says Coach Spike.

Smart is a Grade 11 Honor Roll student studying the World IB curriculum at the Prem International School in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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Wittayakom secures two 2nd place finishes in USA’s International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT)

Es Wittayakom and Smart Chayutpol, two talented young golfers attending Prem on golf scholarships as part of the Three-Generation Golf Academy’s Team Elite squad, travelled to the United States last April to follow their dreams of playing on the prominent International Junior Golf Tour (IJGT).

During a gruelling three weeks of travel across the USA’s eastern seaboard, these two determined players teed it up in three separate tournaments fraught with inclement weather, formidable courses and seasoned competitors. The tough test proved to be both a rewarding and an eye-opening experience. For Es it also proved to be a victorious journey as he returned to Thailand me with two top-two finishes.

Es commented, "Playing tournaments in the USA was a great experience - and most importantly I had fun!  After a long exhausting flight from Thailand I finally got to Washington DC. It was about 11.00 pm and we immediately headed to the hotel. We had one rest day and then we played our first practice round at the Duke University Golf Club. The temperature was a pretty cold 10˚C."

"The first tournament, the College Classic in Durham, North Carolina held at the Duke University Golf Club, didn’t go very well. I wasn’t used to the conditions there at all.  The greens were very fast, the grass was different and the wind was the main obstacle. I shot 78 on the first day and 79 on the second day finishing fourteenth out of over sixty competitors."

"The second tournament, The Jelly Bean Open, held in Hershey, Pennsylvania at the Hershey Links Golf Course, went quite well even though my shots were not really that great. I had my game planned out and I played pretty much on-plan. I was able to keep my score quite consistent. The course was rather difficult with 30 mph winds, but I shot 76 on the first day and 75 on the second day finishing in second place."

"The third tournament, the IJGT Major Championship, held in Havre de Grace, Maryland, at the Bulle Rock Golf Course.  This match also went well. Even though I threw away my chance of winning the event, I learned a lot from it. I was even par, just one stroke behind the leader going into the 18th hole when I drove my tee shot into the water. I finished the hole with a double bogey six, losing my chance to play in the play off and winning the tournament."

Es is currently ranked eighteenth out of 193 players on the IJGT, whose goal is to provide a platform for juniors to increase their tournament results in a format that college coaches will notice.

The tour provides exceptional junior golfers representing forty-five USA states and forty-three countries around the world with the opportunity to develop and showcase their competitive skills while setting high standards to preserve the traditions and integrity of the game.  As a tour that operates throughout the academic year, the IJGT hosts approximately sixty tournaments annually and three international events.  Each event provides multi-day competition for junior golfers of all skill levels ages 9-19.

On his return to Chiang Mai, Es said, "My time in the States made it obvious to me that the mental part of my game is still my weakness when it comes to tough situations. This is what I will be working on now that I home again.  I learned a lot during my time there. The most important lesson is that I don’t have to hit the ball the furthest to score well - I just have to keep it on the fairway!"

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Prem, home to a special sports student - the academic golfer
Lucas Geiger TGGA

Thailand’s Prem boarding and day international school offers a golf and education program for talented junior golf players from around the world.

Focus on Lucas Geiger - TGGA Team Elite Player

It’s a long way from the beautiful German city of Wiesbaden to Chiang Mai, Thailand, but that is a journey Grade 11 student Lucas Geiger chose to make, to follow the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and to continue his specialized training in golf - a sport about which he is passionate.

Lucas is the Club Champion of Germany’s oldest golf course, the Wiesbadener Golf Club, and he used to play its nine holes regularly, as well as playing the two longer 18-hole courses to be found in Wiesbaden.

Academic golfer

While Lucas currently has a golf handicap of ten, he wants to reduce that to five in the next few months and eventually to be a scratch golfer on a zero handicap. His coach, "Spike" Collier at the Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA), is a great teacher, according to Lucas, who adds, "I realized several months ago just how good he is! I thought my old technique was fine but he has been slowly changing everything and I was asking myself – Why? Now he is starting to put it all together again and I am now playing much better than I was when I first arrived."

Lucas is balancing five days of training each week at the TGGA’s golf driving ranges or at the many golf courses in Chiang Mai with the demands of his academic work. "The golf academy is a first rate institution where our Team Elite players such as Lucas are trained to practice and compete with a positive, winning attitude that carries over into their tournament play, collegiate ambitions and in every day life. Combined with an IB education young golfers now have a complete package to enhance their future," says coach Spike.

Although he had studied English for many years in Germany, applying that knowledge proved difficult in the first few weeks at Prem International School, where all the lessons are in English. Lucas realizes that golf is unlikely to be his ultimate career, and has chosen a particularly demanding program of studies in the IB, aiming for a career in business. "The IB is the greatest certificate in the world, so it will help me get to one of the best universities," he said.

"The world’s future markets are likely to be in Asia, so I chose to come to Chiang Mai to learn more about the people and the cultures that we will soon be doing business with," Lucas said. He has already come a long way along that path, as he points out that some of his friends at the school are Thai or Vietnamese, American, Cambodian, Chinese, Australian / New Zealand, Dominican / German or Bhutanese!

Lucas is a boarder at Prem and it is in the boarding residences that he has made these multi-national friendships. He says that being a boarder is both good and bad – it allows him to meet lots of new friends but it is also not quite the same as being at home! But "home" recently came to Chiang Mai when Lucas’s father Thomas recently spent a few days with his son at the school and on local golf courses. Their favourite was the Highlands Golf and Spa Resort. Set in the foot-hills east of Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Highlands was designed by Schmidt-Curley Design and gives golfers the distraction of magnificent views on every hole; although Lucas points out that all the water hazards make playing this course a real challenge.

"I am an ambitious golfer," said Lucas, "and my motivation to succeed in this sport and in my academic studies comes from within. My dad is a great role model although he tells me simply to do what is best for me." Lucas, a quietly-spoken, courteous young man, is a great ambassador for his home town, a valued member of the school’s residential community – and one who may well set the world’s fairways and business schools alight in the not-too-distant future.

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NTJGF Victory for Team Elite player

10-11 March 2012

At the NTJGF junior golf tournament held at the long and mountainous Inthanon Golf Club, Tapat (Es) Wittayakom (G11), posted a final round 70 to win by four strokes in a field of 40 boys in the 16-18 division.

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Golf Management Course from RU available at TGGA!
RU Golf Management at TGGA

Ramkhamhaeng University’s (RU) golf management program is aimed at creating experts for industry.

The goal of RU Golf is to attract and educate bright, highly-motivated men and women to service all aspects of this developing industry in Thailand.

As a new addition to RU’s comprehensive management course, Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) offers a professionally structured instruction program for their MBA golf management students.

Our expert instructions and a first rate training center has enhanced their golf instruction requirements. Students have found the new prerequisite both informative, fun and beneficial to their development in the golf industry.

Taught in English by Pro Spike and translated in Thai by Pro Nah, students join together every Sunday for 3 hours of morning instruction followed by 4 hours of supervised practice time utilizing all the training resources of the TGGA.

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TGGA sponsors "Family Fun" Golf Tournament

27 November, 2011

"The idea was to have a tournament geared towards the very young golfer with parents participating as caddies. The rules are very relaxed so the kids could just hit the ball and have fun. It was a family-oriented event opened to both TGGA students from Prem International School and the public for the purpose of benefiting golfers new to the game and enhancing international relationships."

- TGGA Director Spike Collier

The Three-Generation Golf Academy (TGGA) sponsored their second Family Fun Golf Tournament on Sunday 27 November 2011. The event was hosted at the Golf Avenue-Sansai Par 3 golf course.

A clear November morning blue sky welcomed a dozen enthusiastic young golfers and their caddies (aka parents) providing the perfect backdrop for a day of fun.

The Golf Avenue-Sansai golf course in Chiang Mai, Thailand is a Par 3 course with a variety of water holes, bunker play, and rolling terrain providing excitement for junior golfers of all skill levels. It is open to the public, and offers affordable green fees and rental trolleys for families who want to learn the "feel" of the game comfortably.

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Smart shoots 1 under par to qualify for IJGT finals
Smart scores 71

23 September, 2011

Smart (GR 10) shot 1 under par (71) at the Hank Haney IJGT (International Junior Golf Tournament) held at Chiang Mai’s Summit Green Valley Golf Club.

He tied for first place with a scorecard count back playoff. Smart parred the 18th hole and the other boy birdied the hole to win the count back.

Smart's great finish has qualified him for the finals to be held in Bangkok December 9-10.

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PTIS student in the Top 24 at the Optimist

28 - 31 July, 2011

Top 24 at the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships

"The Optimist" returned to PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA.  More than 650 junior golfers from thirty-five countries competed in this year’s Optimist International Junior Golf Championships, but only seven boys and girls could walk away as Optimist champions.

Chiang Mai’s Tapat "Es" Wittayakon made an impressive finish during his debut at the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship for boys aged 16-18. The sixteen- year-old fired a steady 75 (+3) in the final round and finished the four-day tournament at 298 (78, 73, 72, 75), tied for 24th place out of a field of 166 boys from around the globe.

Es, who has placed well in several junior tournaments in Thailand this past year, opened the championship on the Palmer Course, with a round of 78 on Thursday 28 July. That left him in 142nd place, twelve strokes off of Zander Lombard of South Africa who fired an impressive five-under-par 67.

Es was back on his terms by the end of Day Two where a one-over par 73 brought him closer to the leaders and standing in 54th place. Day Three he shot a solid even Par 72, moving up the leader board to 21st place heading into the final day of competition on Sunday 31 July.

Teeing off at 07:40 am on the PGA Championship Course along with a trio of international players, Es kept it together, shooting a 75 to emerge with a notable placement in his first ever U.S. International event.

Eighteen- year-old Will Davenport of Palm City, Florida, shot a 71 in the final round to claim the Championship title. Davenport’s four-day total was 281 (72, 72, 66, 71) an outstanding seven under par, one stroke ahead of South African Lombard.

Es is a Grade 11 student at PTIS International School. He has been a player for the past three years on the Traidhos Three-Generation Golf Academy’s (TGGA) Team Elite.

"It was a great experience to be playing in the US. I did my best and it wasn't too bad. I've learned and seen so many new things. I am now looking forward to improving my game and participating in the tournament again."

- Es

"This was very exciting for all of us here at TGGA and PTIS as this was Es’s first time playing in the United States. Es just turned sixteen years old in May 2011 and had to play against older and more experienced players. His four-day battle against two great golf courses shows his ability to learn and adapt his game by progressively shooting lower scores each day. As can happen to anyone, Es had one bad hole on the final day to keep him out of the top fifteen. His time at PGA National will only add to his treasure chest of great experiences and help build his confidence for future events. I am very proud of the player and young man Es has become."

- Coach Spike

The Optimist International Junior Golf Championships is one of the largest and most prestigious junior golf events in the world.  The PGA National’s championship golf courses having hosted such distinguished tournaments as the PGA Championships, the PGA Seniors’ Championships, the Ryder Cup, the Grand Slam of Golf, the World Big Tour Match, the PGA Club Professional Championship, PGA Honda Classic and PGA Junior Championship; presenting an opportune venue for young junior golfers to test their skills.

 Tournament results (Boys 16-18 Division)

 Es’s scorecards

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Are you a Swinger or a Hitter?

What is the difference between being a Swinger and a Hitter? The number one difference is in the concept/mind-set and physical action between the two. That is to say, for a Swinger the club is "pulled" and thrown utilizing the feel of the weight of the swinging clubhead (Centrifugal Force), whereas a Hitter "pushes" against the club stressing the shaft using a straight line Muscular-Thrust of the Right Arm, Shoulder and Back muscles. These are two very distinct and different swing patterns that require very distinct and different components to perform the action.

Far too often I see golfers struggling with their swings because their swing components are not compatible with each other. Some players will start out as a Hitter because it feels natural to them. But 99.9% of the instruction out there is for Swingers, so when these players go for instruction they are told to do something that to them does not feel natural…confusion sets in and handicaps go up. Mixing the components of a Hitter and a Swinger spells disaster. Knowing the difference may very well help you eliminate confusion and give yourself permission to do what is more natural for YOU.

So, let’s take a look at some of the differences between the Swinger and the Hitter. Note that I will be talking about this subject in the Right Handed golfer vernacular. Lefties have to turn it around... sorry guys.

Basically, the difference between Swingers and Hitters is where you go to for power and how the Hands will work in the swing motion. Swingers who are "pulling and throwing" are using the left hand as more of a hinge motion through the ball. The Hitter will utilize the driving motion of Right Arm Thrust through the use of the Right Hand to direct the clubhead on a straight line through the ball. Both are valid and powerful ways to hit a golf ball.

But which one suits you?

In a general sense the physical body and your personal make up can be a determining factor. For example, if you are stockier, muscular and are somewhat aggressive in nature you may very well adapt to the Hitter’s pattern. If you are leaner, have longer muscles and are more laid back you may very well adapt to the Swinger’s pattern. However, this is not set in stone. Anyone can be a hitter or a swinger by choice so; you need not be limited by the general conditions above. Find out which one you like and go after it.

Figure 1 - Hitter's Follow-through

Figure 2 - Hitter's Follow-through

The Hitter uses the Right Hand to direct the force of the Right Arm Thrust (pushing) in a straight line at and through the ball. This has the action of the wrists uncocking simultaneously through the Impact Zone, which happens automatically when the Right Arm becomes fully straight. The Hitter’s grip will be more firm with less rotation through the Impact Zone (Hinge Action). (Figure 1 and 2)

Figure 3 - Swinger's Follow-through

Figure 4 - Swinger's Follow-through

The Swinger will use the Left Hand (pulling) to direct the force to the point where the swinging motion (of Centrifugal Force) will have the weight of the swinging clubhead do the work of uncocking and rolling the wrists through the Impact Zone. The Swinger will have a more relaxed grip pressure allowing for more rotation through the Impact Zone (Hinge Action). (Figures 3 and 4)

Figure 5 - Swinger Left Hand Turn

Figure 6 - Hitter No Hand Turn

Some very important factors that distinguish the Swinger from the Hitter are how the Hands work in the backswing. A Swinger "turns" the hands ¼ turn in the backswing (Fig. 5) where the Hitter will not attempt to turn the hands at all (Fig. 6).

To ensure the best possible Hand Action the position of the Right Elbow at address becomes very important. The Swinger would want to have his Right Elbow "pointing down and pointing in front of his right hip". This will help to ensure the turning of the hands onto the plane of motion. (Figure 7)

Figure 7 - Address Swinger

Figure 8 - Address Hitter

The Hitter would want to have his Right Elbow "pointing down and pointing to the side of his right hip". This elbow position inhibits the turning of the hands. (Figure 8)

Figure 9 - Finish Swinger

Figure 10 - Finish Swinger

Another distinguishing difference between Swingers and Hitters can be found in the Finish of the Swing due to the amount of Hinge Action that takes place. Because the Swinger’s wrists will "roll" further through the Impact Zone and Follow-through the golf club will pull on the player helping to re-ignite his pivot into the finish and the club will finish more behind the players head. (Figures 9 and 10)

Figure 11 - Finish Hitter

Figure 12 - Finish Hitter

The Hitter will not have that much "roll" of the wrists and therefore must rely on a more aggressive pivot where the club will finish more to the side and upward. (Figures 11 and 12)

The golf skills learned at TGGA are based on the fundamental principles that conform to the Laws of Force and Motion. "Action-Definitions" are terms that we use to "understand and perform" the motions that make up a reliable and repeatable golf swing. Each one of the Action-Definitions that we use has a purpose in operating the golf swing. Knowing the differences between being a Swinger or a Hitter and their purpose built Action-Definitions will eliminate confusion and help you build a golf swing for a lifetime.

Mike "Spike" Collier
Director of Golf
Three Generation Golf Academy (TGGA)

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PTIS student qualifies for prestigious golf tournament in the USA

Es and Smart, PTIS students and Team Elite players from the Three-Generation Golf Academy, made impressive finishes at the final 2011 Optimist Championship Qualifier held April 4-7, 2011 in Patana, Chonburi. Es took second place (79, 72, 75, 75) in the Boy’s 16-18 division; the winner of the event was an eighteen year old boy from the Thai National Team. Smart placed fourth runner up in the boys 14-15 Division with a final score of 72, 79, and 72.

Es’s second place finish earned him a personal invitation to participate in the prestigious 2011 Optimist International Junior Golf Championships at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. The event is set to take place on will take place on July 21-31, 2011.

Commonly referred to as simply 'The Optimist,' the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships is one of the largest and most prestigious junior golf events in the world. The championships will involve 660 junior golfers, ages 10-18, from throughout the United States and from more than 25 other countries around the world. Es is the second TGGA Team Elite player to have been invited to this event.

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An impressive playing year for TGGA’s Team Elite players

Three-Generation Golf Academy’s Team Elite player, Chayutpol 'Smart' Kittirattanpaiboon, took home the first place trophy (boy’s B division) in the TGA-CAT Junior Golf Ranking (Northern Thailand) held at the challenging Chiang Rai Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed Santiburi Country Club.

Shooting an impressive 76 on the first day awarded Smart the lead advantage on the second day of the tournament. Waking to an injured left hand finger that left him holding the club 'like an Englishman sipping a cup of tea' Smart says, along with a bleeding nose on hole number 12 added some unexpected challenges to Smart’s day on this 6853 yard course. Holding it together, but grappling with a string of bogeys on holes 13-17, Smart managed his round well to finish with a par and impressive score of 79.

Smart’s win at this final 6th event of the 2010-11 TGA-CAT Junior Ranking’s qualified him to represent northern Thailand Junior TGA at both the TGA-CAT Junior Golf Championship 2011 (Asia Pacific), 27-30 March at Royal Hill, Nakorn Nayok and the TGA-CAT Junior Golf Championship 2011 (Junior World), 5-8 May at Blue Sapphire, Kanchanaburi. Smart’s entry fee to both events has also been waived for his win.

More good news for TGGA Team Elite... on March 5-6 competing at the Thai Junior Guardian Golf Association’s (TJGGA) Optimist qualifier in Chonburi, both Smart (under 15) and Es (over 15) have qualified for the final match '2011 Optimist International Junior Golf Championship Qualifying Tournament Thailand' on 4-7 April, Pattana, Chonburi.

Winners of this final qualification will receive an all-expense paid trip to play in the final Optimist International Junior Golf Championships in the USA this summer.

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Golf lessons in Chiang Mai - Family-style

It’s certainly nice to have a fabulous vacation destination like Chiang Mai in northern Thailand for families searching for a holiday destination that caters for a wide range of interests. Traveling from Singapore, three generations of the Koh family were attracted to the full range of sport and leisure presented at Three-Generations Community for Learning which suited both young and old alike.

Golf was the highlight for father and son team, who participated in a week of golf lessons at the Three-Generation Golf Academy. Director of Golf, Spike Collier, trained each morning with young golfer, Nathen, developing increased precision in his golf swing, while father, Darren, focused on the knowledge of the swing fundamentals. It was their desire to be able to enjoy the sport together as a family event. Grandfather, Mr Koh took a more leisurely path and enjoyed several days of golf with his family at many of Chiang Mai’s Championship golf courses. For the ladies and other siblings, tennis instruction, shopping and other sightseeing activities combined to make this a holiday that all members enjoyed.

Precision instruction is the key to a successful golf lesson experience and that’s what you will find at Three-Generation Golf Academy. Our Family Golf School is a custom program of golf instruction designed to fit a family's needs and skill levels. The schedule is flexible, allowing time for other vacation activities.

TGGA’s Family Golf Program:

  • Makes golf more enjoyable for players new to the game
  • Establishes a beginner-friendly environment at our state-of- art- learning center
  • Enables players of varying abilities to improve their game
  • Brings families together for a special holiday combining learning and family vacation
  • Encourages parents and kids to play golf together

TGGA is part of the Traidhos Three-Generation Community for Learning. This IB-accredited International School offers the highest level of education, sports academies and is one of the finest boarding schools in Asia. The 90-acre campus is dedicated to educating and preparing your children for their futures.

The Three-Generation Golf Academy offers 3-5 day programs of golf instruction with accommodation for the whole family available at the on-campus Residence and Spa. Tee times can easily be arranged at any of Chiang Mai’s championship golf courses, and a selection of other interests - tennis, spa treatments, traditional Thai cookery classes, cultural excursions and much more - will ensure that your family holiday at the Three-Generation Golf Academy is one you will always remember.

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TGGA Team Trophy Awards Ceremony

TGGA Team Elite players Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon and Tapat (Es) (Es) Wittayakom are awarded their recently won trophies from the Pro-Am PTT Senior Golf Tournament held on December 1, 2010.

Due to the lateness of the awards ceremony at the event they missed receiving their trophies for their 1st place finish in both the Pro-Am Team event and Es for his 1st place Amateur win.

In front of teachers, staff and fellow students, Pro Spike presented the awards at the PTIS’s final Senior School assembly before the term break. Pro-Am team members, Rod Driscoll and David Buck, were also on hand to receive their awards. This is TGGA’s first team trophy to be placed in the school’s trophy case.

Team Elite players, Es and Smart, were also honored to meet Chiang Mai’s new governor, M.L. Panadda Diskul, a special guest speaker at today’s PTIS’s Senior School Assembly.

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Visiting Malaysian junior golfer completes TGGA training

15 year old, 9 handicap junior golfer, Leonard Yogandra, recently traveled to Chiang Mai and the TGGA during his Malaysian school holidays for some intensive training. Residing on-site at the PTIS International School's Boarding facility during his stay allowed Leonard to travel independently to his lessons while making new friends amongst fellow boarders and Tennis Academy roommates from India and Pakistan. Being able to join in boarding activities such as impromptu games of football, watching a movie, a trip into the city or riding a bicycle around the campus provided light entertainment in the evenings.

Leonard was up early everyday and seen hitting balls at the driving range before his morning training with Director of Golf, Spike Collier. Leonard took full advantage of his training time in Thailand. With a mid-day break for lunch at the campus cafeteria and a couple hours of relaxation, Leonard returned once again in the afternoons to train with TGGA's Team Elite at the Academy and nearby Summit Green Valley Golf Club. During his stay, TGGA was able to help organize a game of golf during his weekend free time with Team Elite players and entry into a local two-day junior golf competition sponsored by Northern Thailand Junior Golf Club (NTJGC).

Select visiting players receive personalized lessons to meet their criteria, unlimited practice time, secondary training with the Team Elite and the ability to play in local competition that coincide with their visit for one very reasonable fee. Now that the PTIS International School's boarding facility is open to visiting athletes, a fully-supervised program is available to talented young players in the Asia-Pacific region.

Leonard was most interested in improving his skills for the competitive-golf arena, a central focus of the TGGA's own Team Elite, but certainly not the only one. "Basically, we encourage all our students to define their own goals. We then customize a plan to help them reach those goals through skill development and video analysis. Some of our visiting students want to be better competitors in their home country; some want to secure college scholarships; some want to play professional golf; and some simply want to play better golf on a recreational level. Whatever it may be, we’re here to make it happen." says Spike.

When asked what he liked most about his stay, Leonard stated "the overall environment and calm setting" was a highlight as well as the "effective instruction" he received "by the best coach ever". With his "wish to come here next year" we hope to see Leonard again soon with improved scores, swing refinements and of course his great attitude towards his learning potential.

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Team Elite players start the season with four first place finishes

The Three Generation Golf Academy’s Team Elite players come out in force for the start of the 2010-11 Junior Golf tournament season with four first place finishes.

Tapat (Es) Wittayakom won the first leg of TJGGA's Optimist International Qualifying on October 16-17 at Naraihill Golf Club, Lopburi, with a 73 (36,37) in the 16-18 year old division.

Due to extreme weather conditions the event was cut to 18 holes of play. Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon has impressively won the first three Srixon-Cleveland Junior Golf Ranking events, the latest held on October 9-10 at the Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club, shooting a 154 (78,76).

Both players are currently in contention to compete in the final events that would carry them into International tournaments in the USA. Good luck boys for a successful year!

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Smart wins third consecutive Srixon-Cleveland event

Team Elite player, Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon (GR 9), wins his third consecutive Srixon-Cleveland Junior Golf Ranking event.

Smart shot an impressive 154 (75,79) in a final 10-hour round in pouring rain at Chiang Mai's Summit Green Valley Golf Club on 28-29 August.

With this win, Smart retains his 2010-11 first place ranking for Northern Thailand's TGA-CAT, boys B division.

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Good results at the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships
24 July - 1 August 2010

Six hundred of golf’s top young players headed to the Optimist International Junior Golf Championships at PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Four of PGA National’s championship layouts were used for the event – the Champion, the Palmer, the Haig and the Squire courses. PGA National is home to the PGA TOUR’s Honda Classic and has been host to the PGA Seniors Championship, the 1987 PGA Championship and the 1983 Ryder Cup.

A number of other well-known professional golfers have participated in Optimist-sponsored championships, including Ernie Els, Nancy Lopez, Davis Love III, Michelle McGann, Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.

The Optimist prides itself as an international event bringing together some of the world’s most talented young competitors, many of whom have the potential to become leading collegiate and professional golfers in the future. Qualifying players traveled from forty-three states, four Canadian provinces and thirty-three nations to take part in the event. Thailand was respectively represented by twenty boys and girls from four age divisions, including Nont Panayanggool, Grade 10, from Chiang Mai’s PTIS International School and a member of the Three Generation Golf Academy’s Team Elite.

Nont participated in the boys’ 14-15 division and along with 106 other boys from eighteen different countries took on the challenge of PGA’s 6,500 yard Champion course over three consecutive days. In his first International event, carrying his own bag under sweltering conditions, with lightning fast greens (11.5), Nont shot a very impressive 229 (76-75-78) finishing tied for 22nd place. "I am very proud of Nont and in his ability to play under pressure and representing himself, the TGGA and PTIS International School," says his coach, Spike.

The winning competitors in the boys’ 14-15 age division battled it out in a final playoff with Jake McBride of Hartville, Ohio (71-73-73 - 217) coming out the champion. Second place winner was American Evan Deroche of Key West, Florida (76-67-74 - 217) with third place going to Nontaphat Hattakanont of Bangkok, Thailand (72-72-73 - 217).

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Summer Camp at Three Generation Golf Academy

Three weeks of fun-filled days and nights at the Three Generation Summer Camp have come to an end this week for a variety of students from around Thailand, Japan and Taiwan.

One of the many camp activities included 4 sessions a week learning basic golf skills at the Three Generation Golf Academy. Both boys and girls learned how to hold a golf club, correct golf posture along with learning the FUNdamentals of putting, chipping and full swing.

Pro Nah concluded her time with the campers by challenging them to a 'Putt for Kanom' contest and mini tournament. For the putting competition, students lined up and took aim to try and reach their ball to an assortment of goodies laying about the putting green. The student that hit or came closest to the target won the prize!

Golf Reflections:

At golf learning I like to play golf and swing (the club). I also like using the putter because I hit the candy and I get a candy! - Minnie, Bangkok

I like golf because when I hit a golf ball and it went very far, I feel I that I can do it! - Pak, Bangkok

I couldn’t golf (before) and I didn’t like golf, but I like (it) now! (It) is interesting. Thank you very much. - Kyoka, Japan

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Nont qualifies for Optimist International Junior Golf Championship
Dateline: 24 April, 2010

The Three Generation Golf Academy is proud to announce that a member of its Team Elite, Nont Panayanggool, qualified to play in the Optimist International Junior Golf Championship. The tournament will take place on 22 - 27 July 2010 at the prestigious PGA National Resort & Spa in Palm Gardens, Florida.

What makes this achievement so special is that Nont minimized his tournament play over this past year and dedicated himself to the task of making some refinements to his swing. The refinements were designed to enhance his abilities as a powerful hitter of the ball. Although frustrating for him at times during team practice he could always tap into one of his most powerful resources... his sense of humor. He constantly has the team and me laughing so hard we literally have to hit the ground.

Nont is a wonderful representative of what we have set out to achieve at Three Generation Golf Academy. At the age of fifteen Nont has developed a level of maturity that balances his passion for living every shot he makes on the golf course.

From the entire Team we all say CONGRATULATIONS, Buddy, and have loads of fun over there!

Stay tuned to find out how two more of our Team Elite players, Chayutpol Kittirattanapaiboon (Smart) and Tapat Wittayakom (Es), play in the Mercedes Trophy Qualifying event coming in May. Smart is currently ranked first and Es is ranked sixth in their age divisions. These guys can really turn it on when it comes to playing good golf. Enjoy every shot, guys, and have a great time!

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Smart wins a second Mercedes Trophy event
Dateline: 8 February, 2010

January 2010 has been a victorious month for young Team Elite player, Smart, a Grade 8 student from the PTIS International School.

On 16-17 January, and for the second time, Smart won at the Mercedes Trophy Junior Golf Championships. This is a six-leg series, played at a variety of courses around Bangkok, of which Smart has now won the first and fourth events.

This is a special event because the player’s grades come into play for points in their standing. Smart’s application to his studies at school saw his name listed on the Honor Roll, again, which gives him twenty extra points for each event in which he plays. His best 18 Hole score was a 2 under par 70!!!

Two weeks later, Smart was champion yet again after an exciting playoff finish at the Srixon-Cleveland Junior Golf Tournament. The event was held on 30-31 January at the Inthanon Golf Club and sponsored by the Northern Thailand Junior Golf Club (NTJGC).

Smart has been studying at Three Generation Golf Academy for two years. After the first year of working together he lowered his handicap by 20 strokes which earned him a 50% scholarship to PTIS. Not only does he have great golfing skills, but Smart is an extremely well-rounded person with a great sense of humor and dedication to everything he does.

"He represents what I call being ‘in The Zone’," says Coach Spike. "I’m not talking about that elusive ‘mystical zone’ so often talked about and seen as ‘unconscious’ or ‘miraculous’. I’m talking of the ‘Real Zone’ where one participates fully in everyday life with eyes and heart wide open. It is where the management of time and energy coincide with awareness and desire."

Smart is developing personal power and precision levels through knowledge and management that produces long-lasting champions, whether it is in sport, school or life. Learning to ‘live in the zone’ at such an early age will give Smart an amazing advantage on whatever path he chooses.

"It is important to realize that his training coupled with the love and nurturing of his very fine parents is part of the formula of his success and I thank them both so much for entrusting his golfing development to our academy," says Spike.

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Smart continues to hold his Number 1 position
Dateline: 22 January, 2010

On 16-17 January, the fourth of the six events in the Junior Mercedes Trophy Championships took place at the Wangchan Golf Park in Rayong.

Three Generation Team Elite player, Smart, continues to hold his Number 1 position by winning his second tournament in the B2 division.

Competing against forty-five junior golfers from all over Thailand, Smart shot a total 160 (77, 83) over two days on this very long and difficult golf course.

Students' scholastic grades are also used in part to rank the young players.

As Smart was named on the PTIS Honor roll last semester, this will help to solidify his Number 1 ranking.

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Smart Wins "The Mercedes Trophy"
Dateline: 1 October 2009

Traveling south to Rayong’s Green Valley Golf Club, three players from Three Generation Golf Academy’s Team Elite made their debut appearance at the highly-acclaimed national junior golf competition known as "The MercedesTrophy".

Thirteen year old Chayutpol (Smart) Kittirattanapaiboon, was the surprise winner of the Class B2 division to beat over forty other players from around Thailand in his age group.

Returning competitors to this tournament took notice of Smart’s steady play throughout the two-day event where he held the lead on both days. All players between the ages of thirteen and eighteen were expected to play from the back tees on Rayong’s naturally hilly and undulating course.

Besieged with seasonal rainy and windy weather conditions, this already difficult course was a challenge to be reckoned with for any golfer. Smart’s short game skills was what proved to be the factor that set him apart from the other junior golfers during this event where he completed an impressive 80-78 (158) final score winning the Class B2 division trophy by just one stroke.

The MercedesTrophy will be sponsoring five more two-day events throughout the year at a number of championship golf courses located in the Bangkok area. Top qualifiers from these events will compete in The Masters’ Final which will host international junior golfers from around the world, with the top Thai finishers in each age category winning a trip to an international event overseas to be named later.

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Team Elite Joins Mercedes-Benz Junior Golf Championships
Dateline: 17 September 2009

The Mercedes Trophy Junior Golf Championships provide an opportunity for Thai junior golfers to compete against international competition both in Thailand and abroad. This unique program emphasizes the development of sporting skills and educational excellence.

The Championships comprise of six two-day qualifying rounds, with the top boys and girls from each age category based on an aggregate points scoring system qualifying for the Masters Final. Points are awarded for both the positions in which they finish in each round and educational grades achieved at school.

The Masters Final is a three-day event which is open to international junior golfers from around the world, with the top Thai finishers in each age category winning a trip to an international event overseas. This year the Mercedes Trophy tournaments take place at the surrounding golf courses of Bangkok.

The Three Generation Golf Academy’s Team Elite will gain a tremendous amount of experience and confidence through the rigors of traveling and playing new golf courses. "Our team knows that fun and learning is the key to their success," says Spike Collier, Director of Golf.

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Adult School - Visitiors from Abu Dhabi
Dateline: 11 September 2009

Looking to escape from Abu Dhabi’s sizzling summer heat French national Quentin Couturier and Thai national, Nongluck Boonyou decided on Chiang Mai for their cool-down holiday getaway.

Both Quentin and Nongluck were looking for a place to relax and enjoy part of their day riding a motorbike and exploring local and cultural sites while also pursuing their desire to learn some of the important fundamentals of their new found interest - golf.

They found the complete package right here at Three Generation Golf Academy.

Opting to stay right on campus, one of The Residence and Spa one-bedroom suites offered the couple a green and peaceful setting away from the city with close proximity to their morning golf lessons. Director of Golf, Spike Collier, spent a full week with Quentin and Nongluck teaching them essential practice skills so that when they return to Abu Dhabi they could continue their practice regimen.

"Quentin and Nongluck now have the knowledge to manage their own skill development. The next time we get together will be just to add a little more precision. This week was great and a lot of fun." Spike said at the end of a training session.

Although very new to the game Quentin and Nongluck chose to take advantage of one of Chiang Mai’s championship golf courses, The Royal Chiang Mai Golf Club, for a bit of a challenge on the final day of their program. Not quite ready to play a full game on their own, a scramble format of play was used so that they could enjoy the beautiful surroundings and also focus on the most important lesson in golf - having fun!

As a newly-opened venue for golf instruction in Chiang Mai we are often curious as to how our clients from overseas have heard about Three Generation Golf Academy.

"We found out about Three Generation Golf Academy on the Internet. We were impressed with the web layout and informative site. After taking part in the lessons and staying on the campus we can say we see a very bright future for the academy," says Quentin.

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TGGA joins the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce
Dateline: 23 July 2009

20 July, 2009 - With current direct flights from Bangkok, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur to Chiang Mai, Three Generation Golf Academy offers easy and accessible opportunities to the region for anyone looking for performance based golf instruction.

The Three Generation Golf Academy has been working hard in recent months to increase awareness of its facility and programs around the region. Networking is an integral part of promoting ones services and indeed is one of the main reasons Three Generation Golf Academy joined the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC).

The STCC aims to promote economic and social relationships by bringing Thai, Singapore and foreign companies which are stationed in Thailand together.

Singapore is the third largest investor in Thailand and sees that Thailand has a lot of potential given its resources, natural beauty, and its central geographical location to Asian Pacific countries. Many Singaporean tour companies are setting up businesses in Thailand recognizing the potential for tourism as limitless.

As the STCC’s vast network of companies and professionals encourage interactivity between Singapore and Thailand to locate and identify potential partners or business opportunities, Director of Golf, Spike Collier, believes this new relationship will provide an invaluable resource in the marketing of the Golf Academy.
  With the kind invitation of Wilfred Kang (Chairman of STCC) to join in the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce Presidents Council Meeting, it was clear to me that joining STCC will provide Three Generation Golf Academy with sound advice and up to date current affairs concerning businesses in Asia and around the world  

- Spike Collier

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Brian Gay Wins Again!!!
Dateline: 19 June 2009

June 14, 2009 - Brian an ardent student of The Golfing Machine (TGM) scored an 18 under - 262 total, to win by 5 shots at the St. Jude Classic June 11-14.

This win earned Brian an exemption to the 2009 U.S. Open. When he was asked about having to make this last minute trip to New York, Brian said, "I don’t know if we’ll go home or straight up there tomorrow or what. I’ve got a lot of stuff with me and a lot of dirty clothes."

Brian has been studying with TGM super coach, Lynn Blake. Mr. Blake holds the G.S.E.D honors given to him by Homer Kelley the author of The Golfing Machine, the most thorough book on golf stroke engineering in the history of golf.

The book is not an instructional book per se but rather a catalog of components that are found in a golf swing. It is not a book to just pick up and start reading unless you are very keen to know everything! The information is best derived from an instructor according to Mr. Kelley.

Congratulations Brian on another fine display of G.O.L.F.

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Es and Smart win at the Northern Thailand Junior Golf Club tournament
Three Generation Golf Academy had three players join in the Northern Thailand Junior Golf Club tournament played at the Summit Green Valley Chiang Mai Country Club this past weekend June 6-7, 2009.

Es, Smart and Run put their skills to the test on a drizzly Saturday morning where Es played nearly flawless golf to shoot a 3 under par 69 and lead the tournament by 4 strokes.

Smart battled it out against the rainy conditions on his last two holes to hang in there for second place shooting a rugged 79.

Returning to tournament play after a two and a half month break, Run, had his ups and downs on the course that day shooting an 86. This put him 8 strokes out of the lead.

On a bit more weather friendly Sunday morning, Run came back like a freight train!!! His front nine score was a three over par 39 which included a 2 stroke penalty. He played his heart out but had a bad break on the 16th hole due to a long wait on the tee box and ended with shooting a 41 on the back nine.

Run managed to make up 4 strokes on the field in the Class C Division for a phenomenal 4th place finish!

Es battled hard on Sunday against his old nemesis, Guy from Chiang Mai, and shot a 1 under 35 on his front nine. Joe came back with an amazing response for the day by shooting a 1 under par round of 71.

The pressure was on for the Class B Division Title! At the last hole Guy drained an amazing 15 foot putt which forced Es into the pressure cooker. Es is now faced with a daunting right to left breaking putt of about 7-8 feet.

Es looked as cool as a cucumber. He went through his methodical routine, took one last look at the hole, and stroked the putt… POW right in the center of the cup!!! I’m not sure but I may have left the ground for a second or two.

To put this winning score of a 1 under par total for 2 days into perspective for you, the Thai Senior Tour played this very same golf course, from the same tees, with a winning score of 4 under par over 4 days.

Meanwhile, way back on the 9th tee box Smart is waiting to play for the Class C Division Title in a play-off agains a very fine player named Joe.

Smart was not having his best day but his "never-give-up" attitude found him chipping in during regulation play to force this play-off. Probably one of the proudest moments I have ever had was after Smart’s play-off tee shot I saw something that just made my heart jump out of my chest.

Walking down the fairway and pulling Smart’s golf bag was his teammate and friend, Run. In a pure hearted gesture of support, Run offered to caddy the play-off for his buddy. At that moment I saw 2 champions walking side by side.

Smart hit his second shot a little heavy and came up short of the green while Joe was struggling a bit hitting his fourth shot over the green. Smart had a 22 yard chip shot facing him and all he has to do is get it close and one-putt to win. Well, I about folded in half when he nearly chipped it in the hole where the ball came to rest 6 inches from the cup!!!

Well, there you have it. Sadly, Nont could not compete due to a back injury but I’m sure he’ll be back with a vengeance. Let’s hand it to these fine young men putting it all on the line when it counts. I thank you guys for working so hard and being true gentlemen warriors.

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Team Elite Player Wins ASEAN School Game Qualifier
Dateline: 18-19 April 2009

Tapat Wittayakom (Es), Three Generation Golf Academy’s grade 8 student fired a 78/73 score over the two days to win the ASEAN School Game qualifying tournament at Chiang Mai’s Alpine Golf Resort.

Es not only won the tournament but was one of nine Northern Thai players to qualify for the May 25-26 ASEAN School Game Semi-Qualifier scheduled to be played May 25-26 at the Siam Country Club in Chonburi.

The top qualifier will go on to play in the finals which will to held in Chiang Mai later this summer.

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TGGA celebrates Brian Gay’s record winning margin!
Dateline: 22 April 2009

April 19, 2009 - Brian Gay won his second PGA Tour title in a record-breaking display at Hilton Head Island, S.C. at the Verizon Heritage. Gay’s 10-shot margin of victory shattered the previous record of seven shots set by Davis Love III in 1998.

For the past 2 years Brian Gay has been working with Homer Kelley’s 'The Golfing Machine' (TGM) under the skilled eye of Lynn Blake one of the foremost authorities on TGM. The Three Generation Golf Academy teaches the same principles that Brian has been learning.
  I have been watching our Team Elite apply these very same fundamental principles moving them from shooting in the 90’s to now shooting in the 70’s in under 2 years.  

- Spike Collier
For those who are looking for the truth in golf, TGM is the most solid base for golf instruction today. Brian Gay’s ability to apply these principles was most apparent this week. Congratulations to Brian and his family and to Mr. Lynn Blake!

Brian’s Final Score: 20-under par 264 (67/66/67/64). This victory will earn him an invitation to the Masters in 2010.

You can view Brian Gay's profile here.

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The debut of the 5-Day Players School
Dateline: 20 April 2009

For vacationers from all over the world, now more than ever, golf can be thought of as the primary reason for visiting Chiang Mai, to enjoy its seasonal climate and selection of quality championship golf courses.

Traveling from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Tony and Curtis were looking to do just that, but also wanted to spend their time off working on their game. The Three Generation Golf Academy was able to offer them an individualized program experiencing the best of both worlds.

This past week daily personalized golf instruction took place at the Academy’s learning center with Pro Spike evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, identifying their personal goals and assessing their physical abilities.

The tailored instruction proved to be an intensive week for both players mentally and physically. On three afternoons during the week The Golf Academy arranged for Tony and Curtis to take their new swing information on to the championship Royal Chiang Mai, Mae Jo and Summit Green Valley golf courses.

The 5-Day Players Schools are for experienced golfers with 0-12 handicaps looking to fine-tune their game and enjoy the beautiful golf courses of Chiang Mai.

For more about this program contact or use our contact form.

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The Optimist Junior Qualifier - Thailand 2009
Dateline: 16-19 March 2009

High level international opportunities are a priority for the Three Generation Golf Academy and this March along with a number of the Thailand’s top junior golfers two players of Three Generation Golf Academy’s Elite Team, Nont Panayanggool, Grade 8, and Smart Chayutpol, Grade 6, traveled to Chonburi’s Patan Golf Club to compete in Thailand’s qualifier tournament.

Only the top 3 boys and girl players in 2 divisions can qualify to go on to the USA for the final tournament.

Nont and Smart made a very good showing for their efforts. Nont finished with an impressive ranking of 13 out of 45 players in his division with a 72-77-78 overall score. Smart, suffering with an unfortunate bout of food poisoning, held his game together and carried on playing very well, missing the cut by only 4 strokes.

"I’m very proud of the progress I see in our young men, not only in their games but as gentlemen of The Game. Every month that goes by I see them becoming stronger and stronger", says Spike the Director of Golf and Team Elite Coach.

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Srixon Lanna Junior Golf Tournament 2009
Dateline: 24 January 2009

Srixon Lanna Junior Golf Tournament 2009 held at Lanna Golf Club by Northern Thai Junior Golf Promotion Club on the 24th and 25th of January 2009.

"Smart" 2nd runner-up class C (boy) "Es" first runner-up class B (boy) "Run" winner class C (boy)

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Supranat (Es) Wittayakom.....WINS!!! 2008
Dateline: 29 January 2008

Es took First Place at the Singha Lamphun golf tournament on Sunday January 6, 2008 at the challenging Gassan Lake City Golf Course.

After a 3 over par 39 on the front nine, Es held on down the stretch to shoot an even par back nine of 36. His skill and mental strength allowed him to shoot 75 to win by one stroke.

Es has been playing golf for 2 years and working with the Director of The Prem Golf Academy, Spike, for the past year.

He is one of the top players at the Three Generation Golf Academy and will be representing PTIS International School Nationally and Internationally.

Well Done Es!!!

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